Laser scanning and 3D modelling for the renovation of the facade of an apartment building at Kuuma 4 in Saue

Customer: Timbeco Ehitus OÜ
Year: 2019

The purpose of the laser scanning of the building facade was to create a 3D base model for the building to be renovated. The use of prefabricated insulation elements was desired for the renovation. The following information was necessary for the customer – the exterior measurements of the building, the size and position of the doors and windows and the curvature of the wall.

Laser scanning is the best way to model such a facade. The facades of the apartment building and the surroundings of the building were surveyed with a laser scanner. Based on the resulting point cloud, a digital 3D baseline model of an apartment building was created using Autodesk Revit software. Based on the model and point cloud information, the Customer designed the elements compatible with the facade.