Laser scanning of VKG pipelines

Customer: Ahti Väin Konsult OÜ
Year: 2019

Customer: Teamwork Engineering OÜ
Time: August 2017

The customer’s objective was to map the existing pipelines.

In order to gain an overview of the initial situation, the pipeline complex was measured via the Leica ScanStation P20 laser scanner. The result of scanning provided a 3D point cloud model which was submitted to the customer in the Autodesk Recap format RCP.

Viewing the point cloud in the RCP format is convenient in the Autodesk Recap environment. The Autodesk Recap program allows for dividing point clouds into parts and saving them as separate files. The RCP format can also be exported into the RCS format of Recap, which allows for using the point cloud as a point of reference in AutoCAD and Revit for preparing drawings and 3D models.